Not Sure

I got this yarn with this pattern in mind, thinking that a bulky yarn would work up fast. And thought this colour would look great for this pattern. As you can see it did work up fast,but I am not too sure with my choice now. I think this yarn would look great with some sort of leaf pattern .
The red seems more appealing  for this pattern.  I always seem to gravitate towards the shades of red .
In a dilemma now, should I frog this and start with the red or continue working with it.
Its probably the sniffles  and the nonstop sneezing that is fuddling up my mind.I am going to sleep on it now and find something else to work on till I can make up my mind.
Oh , btw, did you guys hear of bloglines closing? I am heartbroken! I’ve had all my favourite blogs since the time I started blogging.Google Reader confuses me but is there a choice now ?


  1. I like both, the red yarn looks like a lot of work but it could turn out super pretty

  2. It happens to me often, that I begin to change my mind about the color when I've already made much progress. If you feel you like red, maybe you could try working on it first and don't frog the green until you're sure you like the red better.
    I like bloglines, but seems we can't do anything about it closing. I've been following blogs on my blogger dashboard as well.

  3. Jessy ,yes in the red it is going to take ages before I finish it :)
    thank you Mimi, I will take your advice and try with the red before I frog the green :)


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