foodie+crafty update this week

I’ve wanted to make Apple Pie ever since we ate some at the McDonalds. It’s a favourite with the boys.
M calls it Apple Piena, which I think is so cute .Instead of correcting him,we have all started saying Apple Piena!I think this name is going to stick , much like the Birinani for Biryani that A started!
I used the pie crust recipe from the Pioneer Woman. And made up my own filling, keeping in mind the taste of the apple pie we get at McD.
For my first attempt I must say that it really came out well.The boys finished up the whole thing.I know I will be making more of this.The pie crust was so flaky and crisp.
Next time though, I will reduce the amount of   lime juice  I used for the filling.And also work on the covering up the edges well.

I  also made  Carrot Cake also from the PW site. I’ve made  several recipes from there now , its my go-to site for something different  from the usual stuff we make. M insisted on me making a cake at 9.30 p.m and refused to sleep until I baked one.So we baked the cake,iced it , ate it and went to sleep! He  also insisted on helping me. IMG_5451
This past Christmas, I was startled to realize that I did not have enough snowflakes to cover my tree, it was a goal I had when I first received this book in an ROAK.
I had given away quite a few last year to my friends.I know, I better start right away if I wanted a  White Christmas in Crochet! So I made a start …..Three done, a hundred to go! :D


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