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Some of you may  or may not know that Friday and Saturday is our weekend here in Kuwait and Sundays are the first day of the week for us :)
This year  the children wanted to go to Awana after they heard about it at the VBS they went to during the summer holidays .They have now been there for  two weeks  and so far love it.So  a major part of our Friday was spent there. Evenings the children go for their music and drawing classes respectively. while they are in their classes, Dh and I finish up our weekly grocery shopping.Right now this is our  little weekend routine . This week the kids had a friend’s birthday party to attend. So when we got back, they had a birthday party to go to.
Now that the temperatures are slowly coming down, we decided to add more plants to our teeny tiny balcony garden on Saturday. We really do love this little garden of ours and marvel how wonderfully these plants survived the summer heat this year. We lost our little mango trees tho. (It was A’s plant .He planted the seed after we ate a mango and to our big surprise, two plants grew out of it! )   
Specially this little rose plant survived the heat and even though the flowers have become so tiny,its still blooming so prettily. 
 IMG_0189 We sometimes sit out there in the night and pretend we are on a roof garden restaurant as we are having our dinner.
Dh and M discussing the strategies IMG_0167 M was particulary very excited Dh got him a Touch Me Not plant “to play “with .He wasted no time in touching all the leaves and making them all go to “sleep”   Growing up, these were found in plenty on the roadside and we would excitedly run around touching them all  .We even used to have a little competition about who put the maximum touch me nots to sleep :)
We ‘ve decided to have tomatoes and chillies too in our garden, see those little shoots? those are tomato saplings.
A planting more bougainvilleas. 
a good excuse to play in the dirt!
Here M is at it again
In the evening was our Harvest Festival.There was auctions of things and then food stalls . I made Mutton Cutlets to sell in my stall.They all sold in no time :)) No pictures of them though.I was too busy making packing  and then dressing up  and then selling them. It was a fun and tiring day    .
Linking up to the Weekend  Wrap Up Party over at Colours Dekor.

P.S Thank you for your sweet wishes . I am alright now, but will have to wait before I can get back to crafting. 


  1. Glad to know you're alright and have been busy, Pearlin!
    So nice to see your potted plants thriving...and you have little gardeners too ;)

  2. Hello Pearlin... How are you doing?? Its so nice to meet you!! Thank you so so much for linking in..

    I know what you mean about weekends.. Mine just sound like yours.. I live in Dubai.. and Friday Saturdays.. are spent.. in Church, birthday parties, kids ballet, swimming classes... etc.. etc.. And in between all this.. I attempt at doing something at home..

    Im so pleased you linked in.. and hope to see you every week... Keep in touch...

  3. Oh.. and your house looks very pretty as well.. The plants look gorgeous!!

  4. gorgeous little garden!!! I love watching things grow!
    Oh wow, cervical spondiosilyitis!!?? You poor thing... I think it is pure unfairness that we get pains form the things we love doing! I sometimes get a bit worried about RSI when I go a bit hard with my hooking....
    Hope you are much better now

  5. Great great garden! Beautiful. Also, I hope you are feeling better...


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