at my house…

we’ve added a curry plant to our little garden.
and have had ripe little tomatoes
 IMG_0367 IMG_0573
a new light fixture
 IMG_0379 and some super spicy chillies
and some new guests on our window sill. IMG_0435
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  1. Lots of nice things being added to your house. I really need to plant some tomatoes I think. I have been thinking about where to make a new garden bed but maybe I just need to start with a pot so I actually get it done! Lovely little garden you have. Lou.

  2. Amazing!Are they easy to care for?

  3. What lovely images and well done on the tomatoes! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you ladies
    Jessy, in our weather, not that easy but possible if you tried :)

  5. hello pearlin,your baby tomatoes look yummy !!and the chillies so colourful..nice to know ppl who hv a passion for gardening !!wt else u hv in ur li'l patch of green?


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