Cell phone pouch

While we were in the hospital with M, I saw a lot of doctors carrying little cross body pouches to carry along their keys and cell phones.That gave me the idea to make  a few of these as gifts for my nieces for Christmas.
Project Details 
Yarn : DMC Senso
Hook :3.75 mm F hook
Pattern : my own
These beads are not heavy at all but add a nice detail I think.They were a part of a swap package.  A lot of head scratching went into adding the beads.I searched high and low on the internet to find some tutorial on it in vain.Eventually, I just threaded it with a needle and stitched it on.  I think a lot of improvement can be done here.If you people know of any tutes on these, please let me know.


  1. wow..that looks super pretty...and very useful too...Please do write a pattern Pearlin...i would love to try it....

  2. What a great idea for gifts. The stitch pattern is very pretty and the beads really add a vintage feel to the bag.

  3. great gift!!as nima suggested, y dont u write the pattern for it?

  4. Thank you ladies, Nima, Ninu, I will definitely try to write a pattern :)

  5. Simply beautiful and a great gift idea. I just love , love this pouch.Everything about it ! -.Do you mind if I try and make something like it? I'm so in love with it :)

  6. Its so nice Pearlin! I love the stitch texture and the beads are perfectly right. So creative :)

  7. thank you Yasmin and Mimi.
    Yasmin go right ahead and try it. No problem at all :)


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