Eid Break

We went on a fun picnic to KOC Spring  Camp with some friends from the Church .The children had a blast
Playing outside and then inside the tents
by the Tea dispenser…
Dh though not a tea -coffee drinker, enjoyed carrying tea to everyone who went to the beach
pretending he was a  tea vendor on the beach  :D IMG_0468
No one came prepared for swimming in sea but that did not prevent almost everyone from diving into the water! Heard there were a few jelly fish stings in that water but every thing was just brushed aside and all sorts of water games were played there.
The trip itself was a impromptu one ,calls were made the night before without the venue  being decided .We just went with the flow and ended up in this lovely camp with the help of one of lovely family we met only there.You need permission before gaining entrance here.
Food was the only thing that was ordered before hand and we were in charge of that.
M and a couple of other kids, prone to catch a cold played on the beach building castles
Check out all the shades of blue!
Lunch was Biriyani, Chicken 65, salad, payasam and curd riceIMG_0491
Again dh was in charge of serving….
After a scrumptious lunch and an hour of rest lying  around on the grass, a game of Cricket followed
while the  older children went to ride the desert bikes
the little ones went to play on swings and slides
Another water dispenser shaped like Oudh burning cup
This was our first time at the camp and only after we came here did we find out that they had facilities for a barbeque.Soo maybe next time, we will do some kababs for lunch  :D
After about ten days of Eid Break,and lazy  lazy days……we are all back to routine  and back on earth now!
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  1. glad to know that you had a lovely time for Eid break...

  2. Thanks for dropping by. I am really enjoying reading through your blog and viewing all of the interesting things you do in your part of the world. I'll be back!

  3. Going back to routine after such an awesome time is the most difficult.. isnt it??

    You guys in Kuwait.. get more holiday than us in Dubai.. :-(

    Also.. those tents are ready made?? like you hire a tent?? how cool is that? we dont have a place like that in Dubai.. awesome!! We hadnt planned a thing.. thought we needed some rest.. but that just did not happen.. really!!

    thanks for linking in again this week.. You guys make my day amazing!! :-)

  4. had a wonderful time in Eid Break,u enjoyed a lot

  5. Thank you ladies :)WE did have a lovely time .
    Patricia, those tents are ready made.all complete with tables , chairs and also plug points for electrical appliances _only for the KOC employees.They can take friends and families with them :)


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