From Our Weekend

The day after we came back here in Kuwait, it was the Church Picnic day…..M and I were  tired from our travelling ,still we went for a short time since the park where the picnic was , is quite close by our home.
M and I blew bubbles most of the time  we were there
there were lots of games all of which A and dh participatedIMG_0280
and this time we actually won some of the lucky draws and Bingo …..which is actually a miracle! (given our history with lucky dips) :D
The next day was our Church Day
Lots of singing from the little ones and some yummy yummy food .
The weekend went by too fast!
Linking up to the weekend wrap up party at Colours Dekor


  1. Aaawww.. that looks lovely!! I havent done that bubbles blowing thing in ages.. The girls and I totally love it!!

    Thanks for joining in my weekend madness..


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