getting back to normal

M went back to school today.It was important for him to go, so as to feel things are  back to normal after the ordeal he went thro.
Not just him, I am also not able to feel normal … I have completely lost the desire to do anything of the creative sort.Its like I have lost one part of me after this episode in our life.
I wanted to sign up for  a workshop to make a bag but seems like its already full. So that will have to wait.
In the meantime, these are some of the things my mom got for me from the US. My aunt’s friend, who is an avid quilter helped her pick out all these rulers and gifted me the book you see in the picture. It has some neat beginner patterns in it.
While in India, my mom wanted me to knit her a hat, so the first thing I did after I came back was try and start that.I say try coz I have cast on that thing for more than ten times yesterday alone and each time, something went wrong.So I’ve decided to leave it alone for a while and start later on.
I did finish a few potholders for the Cotton CAL we did over at SAARC group in Ravelry sometime back. Will take pictures and post later


  1. :-( poor M and poor you. I hope both of you pick up real fast. Maybe the quilting can cheer you up a bit.

  2. Pearlin, glad to know things are back to normal.


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