Little milestones that sort of go unnoticed…

your six year old learns to swallow a tablet
your soon to be teen starts wearing your hubby’s t shirts and horror of horrors, they actually fit !
your six year old declares, that he would like to meet a real Santa,and not have to get gifts from  people dressed in Santa “costunes “


  1. Oh boy, time goes so fast without us really noticing. Sounds like your boys are growing up! My nine year old was happy to hear me admit that the santas in the street & shops are only helpers, not the real deal, so far he hasn't pushed too much about 'the real deal' I hope he (we) get at least another year of him believing in the christmas magic. Is 1o about the age they find out...? Still seems too soon for me.

  2. Yes Melinda,around ten is the time, my older one said "I think its dada whose getting all those gifts huh mumma?".We agreed we'd keep quiet about it around M :)
    thanks Nima :)

  3. It's true kids are like sponges. They know a lot more than we think they do. It's still a surprise to us though.

  4. truly agree with you, just yesterday i was telling my older one Shayne that while he was 2, he was soo small he cud jump just onto our laps, and now..that he is 5, he can just lean onto us!! time is flying...


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