My Creative Space # 25 The Live and Learn Quilt

 IMG_0541This quilt  is a  panel that I got with the idea of making a quilt for my little nephew ,who is very fond of George the Monkey.Super excited that I got the perfect backing  fabric too, I went and shopped for batting at the local store. I decided to use the envelop method , to save time with binding the quilt.
Only after I started actually stitching did I find out that I had made several mistakes. For one,  I had got only one meter of the backing material when I should have gotten at least half a meter more.
Then the batting turned out to be too bulky for a beginner like me to handle.
Finally when it came to quilting too, I tried to quilt around the animals which did not quite work out well,  that I had to rip out the entire thing .
By then , this little quilt had too many mistakes to be given as a gift. So I decided to practice my free motion quilting on it .
And this was the last panel the shop keeper had.So I could not go and make another of the same one with the lessons I had learnt with this one.
M had been pleading to give it to him right from the time I started making this quilt, and now that it was not fit to be given away to anyone, I let him have it.The happy little camper with his new play quilt.IMG_0539
The back of the quilt. Isn’t it a perfect match for the front panel?
Although my heart bleeds at the thought of wasting this lovely little panel,and backing, I ‘ve learnt quite a few valuable lessons with this quilt and hence I  call it my live and learn quilt :)
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  1. Thats a beautiful panel! I can understand your heartbreak, but at the same time it looks like you made a little fella very happy. Plus learning about quilting and practicing is good too! I saw a task well done!

  2. thats a beautiful panel.and I love the pic of M, he is so happy!!!
    and practice practice,you can do it!!!

  3. wow...that's a great attempt pearlin...i love it..and lovely panel too...the little one is over the moon i'm sure..

  4. since I don't know anything about quilting I couldn't comment on your work but for me it looks very beautiful...very pleasent colors.

  5. What a pretty panel, I had no idea they were available here. I am sure next one will be more than perfect

  6. Hi Pearlin, thank you very much for visiting my blog and posting such a lovely comment..your quilt looks awesone!! can't believe that u r only a has come out so perfect.. as well i luv the crochet works and the paintings u hv done.. u r a multifaceted person, pearlin..wud luv to visit ur blog often..hugs, mini

  7. Thank you dear friends for your encouragement :)

  8. Oh, I think it looks wonderful! I'm so sorry you went through all of that hard work and feel like it's not worthy to be given away. But, like you said, you were able to practice and learn several things while making it and M looks every happy to have such a great quilt to snuggle with!

  9. This quilt is absolutely adorable. Love the animals.

  10. naah!! it luks too gud to me anyways...cute..very cute a quilt. and by the way..M has grown soo tall...


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