Trying to look pretty potholder

The weather has gotten cooler now.We’ve turned on the heaters already although at a very very low setting. I  kind of like this climate controlled world inside my home :) The boys are home today, A has study holiday (wow that makes it sound like he’s giving his board exam.doesn’t it ?)

As part of the Cotton CAL over at the SAARC group on Ravelry, I chose to make several potholders to give away as Christmas gifts. This is one of the patterns that I had wanted to make for a long long time.Its quick and pretty . This is also one of the patterns that I’ve made twice in a long long time. Simply because I wanted to see how these colours would look together. Tell me ,which is your favorite combo? I can’t decide .I like them both  :)IMG_0359

Project Details :

Hook : 3.75 mm

Yarn : Schachenmayr nomotto Catania

Pattern : Trying to Look Pretty Potholder  ( Scroll down for the English Version)


Will show the the other ones I made soon.

I finally cast on for that hat I was telling you about.Its growing slowly. I just finished the ribbing part yesterday night.I want to finish  up some of my UFOs before I start new ones but it is taking sooo long. Two of them are sewing projects and I have zero motivation to pull out the sewing machine. For now I have no Crochet projects to work on.Maybe its the weather that I am attracted only to knitting lately.

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  1. love the green blue combo more.. good work..

  2. I agree with Ninu, I like the green and blue more.
    They are pretty.

  3. Me too voting for green blue. The other one is very pretty too!

  4. They're both lovely-my fav is the grenn! I saw you on i-crochet and would love it if you'd drop by my international crafty linking party, open now. I've had contributors from India, but never from Kuwait, so you'd be the first, plus I know my readers would love your potholders and anything else you'd like to share. Hope to see you there, and all the best

  5. lovely potholders! I really like them both :)


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