This is my little nephew’s favourite thing to say, other than opening up Casseroles on the table and saying “Smells Gooood” complete with the  inhaling in aroma act!  :) So now , we all say these two things for everything.That's our only way of holding him close since he lives so far away from us.
The shawl /cap set I was making for my mom is now Done!She loves green so much we call her the green lady. About 98% of her wardrobe is all shades of green! So I’m sure she will love this one.
Hat Project Details:
Yarn : One Skein  and a little more King Cole Magnum Lightweight Chunky( Dye lot 40199 Shade 315)
Needles : 8mm Pony straights
Pattern : Bev’s Basic Cozy Cap
Shawl Project Details :
Yarn :Three Skeins  King Cole Magnum Lightweight Chunky( Dye lot 40199 Shade 315)
Needles :8mm circular needles 
Pattern : Cosmicpluto Knits' Simple Yet Effective Shawl
Tid Bits :
  • Both the hat and the shawl were pretty easy
  • This is my first time using a circular needles.
  • Ideally I would have used one or two skeins more for the shawl . I am trying to use up all the yarn I have and not get anymore until there is big dent in my yarn box.So I limited myself to what I had with me.
  • When I first tried out this pattern , I had trouble getting the centre vein YOs correctly.That was enough  for me to abandon it . 
  • I started working on this scarf .(I’m still working on it and it ‘s sooo slow)
  • When I finished the hat, I wanted to make a matching shawl to cover the back for mom.
  • I decided to use the rest of the yarn I had with me  for it.And also decided to  give this pattern one more try.By the time I got back to this shawl, I had done so many YOs from the previous scarf, I  sort of knew where the next YO was going to be!After that it became a mindless knit project .Ideal for relaxing!
  • I love this yarn.Its so soft.Although it says light weight chunky, the finished shawl is on the heavier side.I like the bulky yarns for shawls as they knit up quickly.Therefore,this was a perfect project for this yarn in my opinion.
  • I am planning to make one more shawl from this pattern for me, with the same yarn , seeing how cozy it is.


  1. wow...that is very pretty in green. i'm sure your mom is going to love this.

  2. I love the green and the shawl, it is so lovely.

  3. Thats a very cute gift pearlin, your mom will love it!!

  4. This turned out beautifully and the color is fantastic.


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