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Digging out some of the Work in Progress that I have repeatedly shown on my Creative Space,here here to show on here as  FOs  .
IMG_0620The hexagonal base and the shells  are what initially drew me to this pattern.
A quick  project. What took so long for the bag to make it on the blog  considering I had shown it on the Creative Space a long time ago? 
I was holding on to the hope of lining the bag and adding a zippered closure. (After searching all over the net for some sort of tutorial to help me along with those and  finding none at all; plus  being too lazy to figure it out on my own )I ‘ve now decided to let it be as it is .
One day,sometime in the distant future, inspiration might strike and I will figure it out .Until then I am in no rush:))
Project Details :
Yarn :Schachenmayr nomotta Catania in assorted colours.
Hook : 3.75 mm Inox
Pattern : Bucket of Seashells
I did obsess a little over the perfect handles  halfway through this bag.That sort of resolved itself by the time I completed the bag. Its nothing, but all the yarns held together and single crocheted to form a chord. 
Right now I am working with this lovely yarn.I like how soft it is and cannot wait to finish it.When this one skein you see here gets over, my project will be finished too !
That will be end of gift crafting for this year!  and I say Yippeee !IMG_0728
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  1. wow..i love the bag..gorgeous yarn and i love the handles that yarn braided...looks really lovely

  2. Oh!!I LOVE that bag!! perfect!! and you did all your gift crafting this year?? great!!mine yet to start :P once again, love this bag!!

  3. Cute bag Pearlin...nice colour combination!

  4. Hi Pearlin, After a long time..... The bag is wonderful, I love the handles. Great crochet!!!

  5. thank you ladies. Good to see you all here :)

  6. It turned out wonderfully, on of the prettiest ones, I love the colored stripes.

  7. ooooh! I wish I could make things like this! It's lovely!

  8. Here's a link to help you line a crochet bag has a very detailed tutorial here:

    As for a zipper: jessyz at has a great step-by-step tutorial here:

    Just cut and paste the urls to see the relevant posts.

    Hope to see a new post on the lined 'Bucket of Seashells' bag :)

  9. I love that bag! The colours are lovely too!

  10. Thank you for the links Merry Makes :)
    Thanks Fruitful Fusion :)

  11. I love that bag! May I ask where you get your yarn from? I live in Kuwait, too, but haven't seen anything other than the Kashmir :(


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