Breakfast at J’s

We love watching birds, and tried to keep a feeder with no success.
Then by chance, we left some food on the window sill .A lone wild pigeon came and pecked at some of them.Excited, we kept food everyday and waited and waited ….
Slowly the numbers have now increased.IMG_1655  IMG_1665 Its funny now _ they demand by scratching the window pane,poke at the metal plate and make all sorts of noise to make it known the food plate is empty even if we get a little late! IMG_1653
Not just Pigeons and sparrows comePicture4 076
Picture4 082
Its all about enjoying the simple things in life :)


  1. are we still on for coffee in the morning?

  2. yes pearlin,its all abt enjoying simple things in life!sometimes these things that appear to be very simple and nothing great to some, can actually bring a lot of happiness to some others by merely watching them.. only people who luv nature and its creations can really derive happiness from these cute li'l beings!!i too am a nature lover like you and often end up even buying things with bird print and designs on them..!! beautiful clicks!!


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