Happy New Year

After a fabulous holiday in India visiting family, we are back.We’ve missed a lot of school work but family functions come only once in a life time rt?
We had loads of family functions to attend to.Got  to meet most of my cousins whom I hadn’t seen in a long long time.The monsoon has just stopped and the weather was just wonderful.With Water and greenery everywhere it was a real treat to the eyes.Some pictures …Water lilies in the ponds on the roadside
IMG_1163 (1) M enjoying tender coconut plucked freshly from our garden
Peacocks can be found in abundance in my father’s garden .Its actually a pest we are told, as they very expertly eat all the rice grains leaving out the husks in the paddy plants.There were peacock feathers everywhere there bearing testimony to their presence.We had fun listening to their calls and watching them in the bushes and perched on trees at dusk time.
Caterpillars having a leaf eating party ;)
Right now I am working on the Winter Flame Stole and La La’s simple Shawl.I’d show you pictures , but I left my camera cord back in India and now have to find an alternative. I do however have the pictures of  two of the Christmas gifts I made.
Pattern : Ripple Potholder
 Pattern : Modern Vintage Potholder
For the patterns I used
Hook : 3.75 F hook
Yarn :  Schachenmayr nomotta Catania
Until someone mentioned it to me , I didnot realise that we were at the end of a decade. A lot of things  happened this past decade:Came to a foreign land.Discovered the joy of working with my hands.Discovered Crochet groups and then Blogs.Started one on MSN.(2004-2005) Lost it all when my email was hacked. Then started all over again.  Here I am now!  Its been really fun.
I haven’t made any New Year Resolutions this year.I have no plans either. I am just going embrace whatever comes my way and make the best of it :) The same applies for craft as well.
May this Happy New Year bring Abundant Joy into your lives


  1. Welcome back :-)
    we took off to Egypt last month too. Family is a wonderful thing, God bless them.
    Can't wait to see the rest of the pics

  2. Happy New Year to you too Pearlin! Beautiful potholder!

  3. Happy New year to you pearlin...Than kyou for sharing pictures from India...

    Lovely potholder too.

  4. belated newyear greetings pearlin!the pot holderes look too lovely to use it for holding the pots and making it dirty!!:):)the clicks too are awesome!!

  5. Love your crochet - spotted it on icrochet!!

  6. thank you . Welcome to my blog :)


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