Pajamas for M

Yesterday I came home from meeting Shanna, with bags full of fabric and yarn from her.As I was going through all the stuff  , I found some lovely flannel fabric. I happened to mention that they would make nice pajama pants.M standing nearby jumped on that one sentence! I was pestered all morning as to start making them  pajamas.Word of truth ,I  started to work on it  just to shut him up!
Omy! you really have to see him nagging to believe! Pole opposite to the  gentle soul that is my first born!
Would come by every five minutes no actually they are seconds_” Mamma, are you done yet?” like (10x n times), “mamma,can I wear it now? “_that I  had no choice but to finish this straight at one sitting !
Good thing it did not take much time.Took about two hours max with all the zillion interruptions including needle breaking and trying to find the new set and burning my fingers really bad ,accidently holding a heated bulb!
The Front
pj 3
The Back
I followed this tutorial at Made.
I used  elastic for holding the waist as it would be difficult for him to  handle a drawstring.Since this a first time for me , I was very nervous about cutting the fabric.So  I first cut it out on paper and then cut it out on cloth. STRETCH
  Oh and as he was getting ready  for school today morning, I watched him, carefully fold his pajamas and place it on his bed , with a smile.I know, I should have just savored the moment , zipped my mouth and moved on.Instead brimming over with foolish pride that he can now fold his clothes neatly, I asked, “you like your new pajamas M?”. “Oh yes” he said , putting his skinny little arms around my neck.”I love them ! Mamma , if you don’t mind , can you please make another pair? you know ,to wear when this one goes to the washing machine?”
IMG_1706 PJ2 IMG_1707
As I am now trying to soothe down my unbearably burning right hand finger tips and typing with my left hand, I am  torn between calling him my enabler and my little pest! :D


  1. how happy he is in his new pajamas!!! great mom!!

  2. Nice pajamas!! Pearlin... My younger one is always behind me asking why dont u make some boys stuff! I think I should try this out.

  3. I can understand the feeling :). My little one does exactly the same thing to me. But yeah it is such a good feeling to make something for them and see that they absolutely love it!! Great Pajamas!!

  4. wow...that's lovely...prfect finishing too

  5. Thanks everyone :)
    Preeta you should definitely make your son one too its so easy and quick!

  6. hello perlin ur son must be feeling great and you too, seeing him wearing your creation!!lovely pyjamas indeed!tell him the little model too looks great!!!:)

  7. Hi Mini, good to see you drop by.yes its a win_win situation .Will tell him :)

  8. The pjs are just gorgeous (and so is the wearer!). I'm not surprised more were asked for!

  9. yay! 1st project! the pants turned out great and he looks so happy! can't wait to see what else you come up with!

  10. That is so funny!..and such an adorable kid, can't blame you for not being able to resist :)
    Good job on the pjs!


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