Stitch alongs and such

Hey you all! How is your New Year going so far?
The weather in Kuwait right now, is sooo gloomy and cold ! Bring on the sunny winters please.thank you.I’ve had no motivation at all to work on anything.Its this dreary weather I tell you!So to motivate myself into working on something, I have found a CAL  and a Stitch along to work on. 
The Stitch Along motif # 1
The plan is to finish all the motifs into a mini quilt.
If you want to join in here is the link.
The CAL is happening here and  this is how far I’ve got. 
Picture4 071
There have been other things  to bring in cheer_ like the shopping I went to for my birthday coming up this week. My boys spoilt me rotten with all the lovely stuff they let me choose :)
At one of the stores,A brought a big silver with black stones cocktail ring up to me and said,”mumma I think this would look nice on your finger” I am a delicate rings girl but decided to try it anyway,just because he brought it to me.He was right! It did look nice.Must say the boy has good taste. 
Then ,there was M’s school day  ….
We got a fantastic view of the stage .I think M  was super excited to see us sitting right behind the VIP seats, that he winked at us from the stage! I wonder what the Principal thought of that! Honestly I had no clue this was coming :)
Oh I must tell you of  A ‘s Sandwiches!He wants to be a Chef  now and whips up these yummy sandwiches and feeds us all the time! Soups and Sandwiches….  hmmm great combo for the weather -specially when the  big half of the work is readily done for you :)( even if there is a big mess in the kitchen for me to clean up later on) .
I am  also trying to finish up my La La’s Simple Shawl. Winter Flame and the Pineapple round table cloth are  still languishing in that craft basket. As soon as the shawl is finished I am determined to get working on them.
So what's happening with you all? 


  1. wow..lovely SAL and CAL progress. M looks very cute in his concert costume

  2. Pearlin, love the color your choose for the CAL. I am so happy to have you join in. All your work is beautiful. Having fun browsing your blog. Your inspiring me to get out my cross stitching and embroidery things. See you for the next rows. Adding you to my blog.

  3. Aww...your boys are so sweet :)
    The WIPs are coming out nicely. Cute gnome!

  4. Hi Pearlin, Welcome back after your holidays, seems like u had lots of fun, and wishing that u continue having fun throughout this new year.
    Your embroidery is lovely, Even I have downloaded that gnome pattern, but I am hesitant to join since I am never sure about finishing it on time.
    Great work on crochet too....

  5. Ooh, I wish I had time to join in on that.

    Which version of the book are you working from. I have her book, the first one, but those motifs look like they are from another one.


  6. thank you all for visiting me.
    @Preeta, there is no time limit for it. Just join in the fun :)
    @Fi its from her second book Doodle stitching :Motif collection.The author is offering four of her motifs free for the stitch along. welcome to my blog :)


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