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Here’s the  second motif of the  doodle stitch along Picture4 100
I finished mine a little late ,as I ran out of tracing paper and carbon paper.I had to patiently wait for my dh to get it for me and he kept forgetting to get them on his way back from office.Anyways, I finished it up in a few hours. So fun! The third motif is already out and I plan to make an early start to it.
In the meantime, M  my little artist who saw this print out lying on my table had to have his take on the pattern.
So he quickly got out his pencils and colours and did this.
Picture4 090
I think he did a pretty good job . Don’t you?
He made me sign his name there in the picture for the watermark ! :))  [the child has a knack for coming in just in time when one of us think of using his things . He will  then make us  do exactly as he thinks it should be done or we cannot have it! If it is done his way, he is a generous little creature :))]
And this is the CAL so far…Picture4 132 
I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying this CAL.This is a great way to read patterns again.Plus,its  fun doing a little at a time with the bonus of being able to check if you are on the right track with the pictures there. Btw, I am using Anchor Mercer Cotton Size 20 thread in colour #0896 and a 1.25 Jimra Hook.


  1. Good morning! I love your embroidery and the picture that your little one (?) drew is fantastic. I think you have an artist there. Your doily is coming along beautifully. I am so glad to have you along. Have a blessed day.

  2. lovely stitchery...m is so cute and artistic too....

  3. your work is so beautiful! I LOVE the stitching & that crochets is just sao pretty!

  4. Lovely embroidery, and crochet...Pat on your back .... ur commitment is great!! Its ok if its a little late, what matters is u are finishing it.

    Thx for all ur lovely comments. Its been really motivating. You are so... right, its a long way to go before I perfect free motion. I wish there was a magic wand to get me there.
    About the color combo, I am sure coral pink and yellow would look great....

  5. hi! i'm leaving kuwait and wanted to see if you wanted my fabric...it's too heavy to ship. (don't worry it's free and there's a lot of good stuff plus some yarn). i've emailed you, sent you a FB message and now here! lol i'm leaving in less than a week so let me know! otherwise it'll just go in the trash

  6. Very pretty embroidery and love M's version!!

  7. thank you .you are all very kind :)


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