Bye o Baby Bunting

He calls it my big clutter and I call it my creative mess ;)
This week, I’ve been whipping out these little colourful triangles by the dozen.They are super quick and because I’m working with different colours I ‘ve not got bored with them yet.Colours of the Rainbow .
All quickly assembled in to a colourful little rainbow bunting…..
I blocked it a little.
And Tadah!
Its hard not to smile when so many colours greet you,no?
beautiful inside and out :))
Pattern : Crochet Bunting
Hook : 3.75mm F/5 Hook
Yarn :Schachenmayer Catania
I’ve been also working on my Winterflame stole that seems to be going on and on and on…..Knitting is fun and the result  beautiful ;but lets face it ,Knitting is  sllllllllllooooooooooooowwwwww. So I am trudging on Clickty Click Clicky Click.(like M sings as soon he hears the needles clicking)
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  1. Very colourful indeed!!

  2. Yeah!!Very cheerful and pretty indeed!!This one has been in my list for long!!

  3. Great bunting - very effective!

  4. That bunting is adorable. Made me smile too!

  5. It is sooo pretty, what a wonderful way to brighten up a wall

  6. That's beautiful! The colors are lovely. Great job!

  7. thank you ladies you are all so kind :)

  8. Bunting is just so uplifting.

  9. That is the prettiest bunting I have ever seen! Nice one! *s*


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