Doodle Stitch Along _ All Done

Usually on Fridays we are out of the house  for the major part of the day.A got a throat infection and we decided to stay home in spite of the  gorgeous weather.
Its fun to catch the weather changes sneaking up. The sun sets a little later and rises up little earlier and rose buds are popping up which can mean only one thing…….Sppprrrrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnnnnnggggggggg!!! the best season ,my favourite and the shortest too. Happens that this month is also the month when we have a lot of holidays. Keeping fingers crossed for everyone's good health to be able to enjoy it to the fullest.
While the boys (including the Biggest ) watched  Chronicles of Narnia, I finished up the last motif of the Doodle Stitch along. I added a little mouse, some  little mushrooms and butterflies to the design.They are my own doodles :)IMG_1765
Do you like it? Now to put it all together into a quilt. Right now my bed is hidden under a little fabric hill :) 


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