Kuwait Celebrates

its Fiftieth National Day , 20 years of Liberation after the Iraqi Invasion IMG_1890 IMG_1972

IMG_1891 IMG_1944

IMG_1896 IMG_1894

in style.As always,lights were  lit up  everywhere around  the entire country

IMG_1907 IMG_1915 IMG_1974 IMG_1941

Dancing and waving flags


IMG_1961 IMG_1981

This time, the party foam was banned which made for clean stress free fun.Waterguns replaced them tho, but it wasn’t as cray as it sometimes gets here.

IMG_2009 IMG_2012

IMG_2014 IMG_2017

 IMG_2003 IMG_2019

We went to watch the fireworks.It was foggy the day beforeIMG_1977 and

 IMG_1991 raining on the day of the Celebrations, but we were determined to go see the fireworks rain or shine.

Got there really early packing our lunch and found ourselves a lovely place to watch the fireworks. There were loads of people like us, waiting way ahead of time .Some even ready with their cameras on cartops! 


The children got restless and tired from the waiting but they were truly rewarded .The simply  spectacular show was totally worth the wait!


There was honking  of the cars ,blowing horns , whistling and claps.By the time we reached home, we were exhausted !


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