Long Weekend

It was a long weekend here .The weather is getting warmer.I am so happy it is .
We didnot have any big plans for the weekend.Just did the mundane cook something special  ,get excited with the new visitors and enjoy thing
I wanted more bunting and one more Spring in My Heart for hanging in the hall.So I quickly got that done watching Chronicles of Narnia.  I seldom like to repeat things and its a hard thing to make myself repeat the same pattern again.However, I’m on a mission - I am decorating my home all over with my handcrafted things. Previously it was just crocheted doilies here and there , now I’m making to things to hang on the wall ,and decorate with here and there.
After I finished another Spring in my Heart wall hanging and one more set of bunting I kind of didnot know what to do. I started looking into my Ravelry Favourites and decided to give this a try.IMG_1856 
Not  sure what I want this to become eventually…. a coin purse, a pillow and a bag look like a good option to me. Also a wall hanging seems appealing. I developed a crazy allergy and had to quickly take an antihistamine, to stop my hundred sneezes per sec (if you  ignore a bit of exaggeration,it was really bad I assure you) and my brain is kind of fuddled at the moment as a result .I’ll figure out what to do  with them when this brain haze goes away. For now I like making them and admiring how pretty they look.


  1. Oh my God!!Rosehip pillow has been on my queue for long!!I love them!!And had decided just last week that after my Japanese flower pillow I will make those!!I love yours so far. Keep going. Dont stop!!

  2. @Sari:haha isn't it funny how we think up the same things living so far away! I was thinking that Japanese flower you were making would make a cute pillow cover too :))

  3. lovely motifs....and beautiful colour

  4. I think you should keep going too. Very pretty.

  5. Woww!!Pearlin,they are gorgeous!!!


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