Love is in the Air

Dh and I celebrated our 14yr anniversary on fifth.Children had a CEF retreat so after Dh came back from work , we went out for a little outing. Its rare for us to go out alone like this .That was  fun .I shopped like crazy!It doesn’t  help at all with your shopaholic habits, when you have a husband who will patiently wait for you and carry all your bags and later on endure all the modelling sessions too :)
IMG_1737This little vase set me in the mood to decorate around the house with hearts.More because M gets so excited to see these 
IMG_1734 IMG_1736
I love the splash of colour. If you are interested, I got the tutorial to make the garland from here and the colour felt idea came from the felt dots on the curtain.I used only the colours that matched the curtain dots.The green is a bit off but I can live with that .Later  I found a very pretty garland here too. Its more vibrant!  The Heart templates came from here
Spring seems to be in the air, our bougainvilleas are blooming in myriad hues! I was dreaming of a  colourful bouquet when we planted red ,yellow ,orange ,pink, magenta  and white together last year.It looks like a big bouquet when you see from the road! As is common when you plant different hues together, we have a few new colours too :)
I love sitting in the quiet house after the children go to school, and look out through the balcony door at the birds that come to the feeder and the colours of the bougainvilla against the sun.Inspite of the drizzles and the grey skies in the early mornings, the past couple of days, the sky clears up beautifully by midday .Its just beautiful.
I found a couple of posts in the drafts that I forgot to post .So got them published .Happens a lot to me :S .I made a few changes to my blog, did you notice? :)


  1. wihing u a happy marriage anniversary.... Hope u had a lovely date without the kids.
    Even I have this habit of dreaming with a cup of coffee in the morning after kids leave for school, sometimes sitting in my small backyard when the weather is pleasant.

  2. Yes, Happy Anniversary. The heart garland is simple and pretty and colorful.

  3. Happy Anniversary !! Garland looks so pretty.. refreshing colors!!


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