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Starting new projects is sooo exciting, isn’t it?
As some of my projects are coming to an end, I went on a starting new ones frenzy yesterday.
One to  try knitting in a round for the very first time . The other to  give a once failed project another try, this time with a new yarn. Both the projects look so full of promise at the moment.
Finishing off things have their own thrill too.
I was planning to finish the woodland quilt today  but did not happen with another allergy- drowsy medicine episode happening .
Before this allergy thing kicked in, I managed to finish up two potholders . Ones  long done, but  needed finishing touches.
Potholders/Dishclothes are such a  great way to practice stitches or say ,test waters if you can really endure the pattern for a scarf.
The Waffle stitch I loved_  the ombre sugar and cream yarn in this colour works out so well I think _
IMG_1882 the Basketweave not as much although I do like the colour I’ve kind of got bored with it after doing so many projects in this colour.
If you are interested , you can find the pattern at Knit Bug
What really excited me about these potholders are the back! The green fabric I just adore, it was in the pack Shanna gave me.IMG_1885 I did a little stipple free motion practice on them, and then stitched it on the back with a walking foot.I really liked the  tutorial for the backing  I found .There are two parts to it check it out. part one part twoIMG_1886
Originally these were going to be Christmas gifts but then I changed my mind, and only finished them now.Its a good thing I waited because, I found the perfect backing fabric and labels too :)
I found a nice little label kit at the craft store, that comes with a permanent pen, a stencil and a fusible oh yeah!
So ,what have you started or finished in your Creative Space today?To find out what has been happening in other spaces Check  here


  1. I really like the waffle stitch potholder. And that green fabric as you said looks soo smart!!I have never tried knitting in the round. You can tell me how it turned out and then I will try:)

  2. That green potholder is the best. Retro chic! I really like the colors in the green/cream piece of knitting. You have lovely stitches too.

  3. Great handicraft! I also always start new projects before finishing one..Have a great day/ Eva

  4. Those pot holders are fantastic. I really love them both.
    I love the idea of learning new stitches that way. ooo I think I might just have to make a few myself.

  5. Lovely knitting and quilting...i lvoe the label idea too.

  6. Lovely!! The label is too good........

  7. That green fabric is fantastic! :) I assume you use the fabric side on the hot pots and pans?

  8. Love the stitches and I love the backs! I might have to give fabric a try for the backs of some potholders soon :)

  9. Great fabric - some things are definitely worth waiting for.
    Thanks for popping by.

  10. thanks for fr dropping by ladies.
    @Seaweed&Raine : yes I use the fabric part on hotpans and pots :)


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