Dolores Park Cowl

The idea of something  loose that covers the neck and the ears in the cold has always fascinated me  .Although hats look pretty, I am not much of a hat person. I like to wrap my shawl around my head and neck in the cold. I always need to cover my head and neck so as not to end up with a ear and throat infection.
I had this one skein of extremely soft squishy yarn Shanna gave me and I wanted to use it all up in one project. I checked out some of the patterns on Ravelry, this pattern seemed simple enough and I decided to give it  a go.IMG_2117 GJ
Like I said  before, it took only an afternoon from start to finish , but I was looking for something to go on like a hoodie. I still had a lot of yarn left.So I frogged it all and thought I will cast it on in the car_ on the way to watch the fireworks _and finish it up while waiting there.
I had the wrong needles, but it worked fine for me the first time.It was probably that I was distracted that I could not get the casting on right.
I tried five times_ each time my frustration level going up a little higher and then finally decided to throw the thing into the dashboard . The thing kept crying out to me from the dashboard , saying this time it would behave and I had to give it one last chance. So I took it out, and true to its word, it all came out right! :) .Happy , I left it and went on to enjoy the fireworks, which started just as soon as I finished casting on .
I followed the pattern all through but kept knitting round and round till whole ball of yarn was  over.
No idea about the name of the  yarn or needle I used.
I learnt to make M1* from the Video here
I like this cowl  so much that I  have already cast on for one more in another pattern.


  1. Beautifully done project. Three cheers to your perseverance.

  2. wow...that's awesome...perfect for winter

  3. It looks so soft and squishy :-) I love cowls, but feel it is too warm to wear them here :-(

  4. It is amazing when a project keeps calling out to you even though it has frustrated you repeatedly. It usually has a fine ending once you conquer it too, for so many reasons. It looks lovely and very soft.

  5. it looks so soft! well done!

  6. Hi! after a long time, went thro all your posts, had been missing quite a lot.
    This one is a nice and cozy finish. Keep it up!!


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