So….Where were we??

Have no clue where the four days holidays we had for Kuwait National day and Liberation day flew past.It seems like we were all in a daze for those four days and have landed thud back on to reality !
With school starting and the year end assessments starting as well we are having a bit of a crazy time around here.
I am pretty easy going with the boys about  grades.As long as they have decent grades, I am ok with it.But that has not stopped my little one from getting stressed with  his school life.(He is a perfectionist by nature! Has to check that he has finished all his work twice. And before he goes to sleep runs a mental check to see if he has finished all his work.Probably like A says I brought the wrong baby home from the hospital :P while his dad insists he gets it from me!really?!)
He has  declared that he would like to” cancel school from now on and go straight to work instead “ ,when he grows up! Although he has been getting remarkable grades , and is always on the good books of the teachers, this imp is “totally jealous of me playing at home all day while he has to go school”.Yes that was what he told me! I wonder if he thinks that I order food from someplace  and some mysterious pixie does all the million things to keep his little life running smoothly.
Incase you’ve been wondering if I did anything crafty at all, well I have these to show you …. Nima’s Carnanation Earrings which she kindly let me test for herIMG_2102
This is the first try and then the second
I ran out of red beads so used blue.I did not block these too .
If you are looking for a fun and pretty gift to make for a fashion jewelry loving girl in a jiffy ,then this is the pattern to try.Thanks Nima for letting me test it.I can see myself making  many more of these in different colours for my nieces who love fashion jewelry.I only had pink ombre with me,I’m sure it would look pretty in other ombre colours . I would like to see how it looks in solid too.
Before I go, I want to show you the colours of Spring on my balconyIMG_2103 IMG_2104 
and lets say a  hurray  for the rose plant that survived the summer heat and winter cold and is ready for the Spring with her beautiful blooms


  1. I really enjoy reading about what the little boy is up to :) Love those flowers!

  2. Squeal! I love those little earrings. So pretty, and so are your lovely balcony flowers! :)

  3. Thank you so much Pearlin for taking time to test my pattern.

    I always love to read about your little boys...and yeah...spring is already here and few more days of pleasant weather.

  4. I love the colours of your bougainvillea!!! So pretty - and Yay for roses! They are pretty hardy, and just so darned enjoyable! :) I must have a look at that earring pattern. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  5. I'm in a family of perfectionists!


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