Still knitting

in circles . I’m learning  a few things along the way…apart from knitting in a round I ‘ve also now learnt to make one M*1 .
I’ll tell you this….  I completed this project on the same day I started it …. then not happy with the result I got,frogged it all and tried to cast on five more times….( I have the wrong needles but I ‘m making it work for now)…..while waiting for the fireworks…. and then put it down  when I finally got it right and did not touch it again till late yesterday night?  Crazy ? I know!
The reason is …..I  got distracted with the earring making. While I tested Nima’s pattern, I couldn’t resist trying another pattern that  I had bookmarked  a long time back. Dainty Earrings
IMG_2113 IMG_2114
I want to make more now!Earring making is quite addictive. Don’t tell me,I never warned you ! :))
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  1. oh!! they look gorgeous!!nice click too!!even I also tested Nima's pattern.Have a look!!

  2. Ooo - I love the green earrings!

  3. the earings are sooo pretty
    And yes knitting needs A LOT of practice

  4. love your earring color combination. we both have similar color tastes, I feel. :-)

  5. I used the same 'Dainty Earrings' pattern a while back, then came up with some other designs myself. Have a look at my post titled 'Easy Essential Earrings'.

  6. wow!!! super creative....beautiful..



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