This week…

There has been endless cleaning…… can you believe, we took two big trays  full of sand from the kitchen  and another half bag of sand from the balcony?!
Funnily, even though I did not have to do any cleaning and my cleaning lady  did  all the work, I am the one left with a leaky nose .
We’ve  had a steady stream of little people visiting our home some spending the day , some visiting for a few hours to play. I’ve spent all my time in the kitchen making  yummies for them to munch on.
I spent a few hours snatched minutes here and there, finishing up this scarf. DSCN0297
I had one skein of Kitten Mohair from a previous RAK… I am allergic to it .Not while working with it, but wearing it. So I work with it and always gift it to someone. I  just love how dreamy it looks.
And then this ?
DSCN0303  yup  I have jumped onto the flower motif bandwagon too… 
you like ?
This yarn is called Riot by King Cole.It was this yarn_ I saw a lady have in another colour way_ that I went looking for at the yarn store when the storm came.
Its Acrylic wool blend. I think it is a self striping yarn.This was the last batch and the only colour way there. 407.I took all that was left there.  About six skeins.When I was browsing  Ravelry, I saw many more beautiful colour ways of this yarn . I will be looking out for it when the yarn store stocks more. 
It was delightful to see a few projects over at Ravelry,using this same yarn for this pattern just like what I had in mind. :)
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  1. oh, I have made one of those before too, lovely colour you have used

  2. Love the colour of scarf! with flower motifs look pretty..

  3. Your flower scarf is beautiful and the colours are very subtle. Lovely!

  4. Wow, that kitten mohair is very dreamy, it looks luscious. It is awful you are allergic to it!

  5. wow..lovely scarf...sad that you are allergic to the yarn..

  6. Hi Pearlin, just wondering..does the sand blow in from the desert or just from the kid's feet? I love the way the colours self stripe..just fading and becoming another colour entirely. You've done the wool justice with your flowery scarf!

  7. Lovely yarn and nice to see the pretty flower motifs you made :)

  8. thanks everyone for your lovely comments :)
    Carol, we had a horrible sandstorm a few days back and I forgot to close the exhaust fan in the kitchen.Thats where the sand came in from :)

  9. Gorgeous! I love riot, I picked up a skein by chance and it made a lovely striped shawlette. That sand storm was horrible, I hope you are feeling better now.

  10. I love your "Riot" scarf - what delicious colours! Lucky you to get the last few skeins!
    I really like your flower pattern - it's different to mine (I'm thinking of altering again the one I have been doing...)
    Where did you get the pattern for it?

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Jessy isn't it lovely?! I was feeling very lucky when I managed to get the last of the batch :)).I am doing fine now thank you :)
    Thank you so much Seaweed and Raine, I just figured out the pattern from the pictures of the motifs :)


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