Woodland Quilt

With the school now out and a relaxed pace taking over at home, I managed to finish the woodland quilt .
When doing projects I am not one to plan meticulously. I just dive in  without much thought , frantically splash about and  finally heave a sigh of relief that I reached the shore after all;thankful that I did not sink in somewhere!
That s pretty much how this little Woodland quilt came into being too. The Doodle Stitch along looked appealing, I jumped in.Someone said , they’d finish it into a mini quilt.Good Idea I thought and decided to do that too.Someone else said 6” inch squares, so I started out cutting six inch squares and then stitching on my little motifs…… you get the drift?
WhenI finished all the motifs, I still wanted to finish them into a mini quilt . I really really like mini wall quilts.I wanted to add a little something of my own to it and kept thinking that I would do a mini nine patch block between those motif squares for colour.
Then I got a brainwave that a pinwheel would  add to the whimsical element of the motifs.
If you’ve read this blog long enough you would know about my pathetic math skills and that resulted in the pinwheels getting some corner points cut.  I chose not to get too stressed about it and think of it as a learning experience. DSCN0212 
     When the piecing part was done, I couldn’t decide on  the quilting part . I simply did  a bit of free motion and a bit of straight stitching.
For the binding I tried machine stitching the binding  this time,with two lovely tutorials from Leah Day. I am still not able to decide if I like it or not . Its quick that’s for sure. I tried a new way of making hanging loops from here  too.
With  each quilt, I try a new technique, so that I can find one that I am comfortable with and works for me. With each quilt I get a little more confident with my sewing machine. 
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  1. This turned out awesome! Now, I am inspired to make a quilt too.. love the pinwheels and the doodle stitching is awesome..

  2. Wow, it is gorgeous! I am a HUGE toadstool fan, so I was probably always going to love this, but it really is beautiful. I have some of the Woodlands animals fabric too, looks great in your quilt.

  3. Awesome! The toadstools and characters bring back childhood memories :)

  4. It's a perfect little quilt..often it's the imperfections that make it perfect..perfectly wonderful!

  5. Oh, that's so pretty! And you make it sound so easy ... but I'm sure it isn't!

    Thanks for the advice on the lining the bag - I think I will (when I get my sewing machine unpacked!).

  6. Lovvve it!!!It looks like something that Iam scared to even think of attempting!!Looks awesome!!

  7. wow...that's a lovely piece of work Pearlin...

  8. quilt look very beautiful pearlin!

  9. Lovely quilt, Pearlin. We learn thru' trial and errors only, so nothing to worry about the pinwheel.

  10. I love the little squares with the mice!

  11. Love it Pearlin. Such a dainty and adorable piece of work.

  12. hi perlin, i have had a lovely second look tonite at your blog. i agree, living in a foreign country can make one anxiety prone, and depressed, and worried about ones children...and craft helps SO MUCH with that. i am in a similar situation, and it feels good to bond with another woman facing the same, even via internet. i wish you peace and blessings .xo

  13. thank you Angelina.It does feel great to meet people to bond with .The internet has been a great source of inspiration for me too. I am so glad you stopped by again.


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