Bake me a cake

I went to a  two day basic baking and icing  workshop.
Five cakes in all
and then we iced them and decorated them too DSCN0586
For someone like me who has no basic experience at all, this workshop was very very useful.Our Instructor’s a lovely lady very willing to share her knowledge.
yup,  lot of batter licking happened  :)
Each one of us got to participate in the baking .We didnot have to take any of the ingredients.On the end of the first day, we got to take home two of the cakes we baked _ Both the chocolate cake and the banana cake were Yummy. The boys loved them
On day two was  the icing
Learning to spread the icing took a while for me to get right.
we first practiced on paper , then on plain boards and then on the cakes itself .
We mixed colours with icing
then learnt the different techniques to ice.
We were six and were divided into a group of three each.This is our final masterpiece.
This was what the other group did.
I had to leave a little early as I had to go for the Palm Sunday service too. So I was there only till this part :)
It was so much fun. I can’t wait to get started. I am only waiting for my weighing scale to arrive :))


  1. Happy Easter to you too Ninu

  2. Hey Pearlin, You have a lovely blog. Me too wanna learn some crochet & knitting from you. Hope your weighing scale has arrived by now and you have baked some cakes. Happy knitting & baking. Cheers. Sari

  3. haha Sari sure will teach you although I am not as good a teacher as you :)).Lets plan something :) Yes my weighing scales have arrived and I've done quite a bit of baking.


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