Its a New Start…

Children started school today….A is in seventh grade and M in second….
I can’t believe how fast time has flown. Its April already. The children have grownup so fast too.They are a few inches taller than they were beginning of the year.We went through a major closet clean up the past weekend. Found out that all their clothes were above the ankles and wrists.Weather is getting warmer. The water in the tap is  lukewarm already!
M was soo excited about school starting, he spent all of yesterday getting ready for school
writing down his name and fixing labels on books.
Today morning , they got up bright and eager to start their new classes. A wanted to wait for new school stuff until September. That s when back to school stuff arrive in the stores.
M didn’t want to wait.He got all new Spiderman set…. school bag, pencil pouch,lunchbox, water bottle .Both had outgrown their  uniforms  as well. So they have all new uniforms.
I couldn’t sleep yesterday night  because I was having butterflies about new teachers and new friends for them…..and I tried to calm myself working  on this .I think I worry more about these things than they do!DSCN0326
…. couple more rows and I will be done. Love how it looks against the light. Maybe I could make a lampshade with a similar pattern.
Dh and I went to drop them at school… we did a mini stop at Alkout ,DSCN0339
hopped into the nearby Starbucks to grab a cocoa cappuccino, I clicked a couple of pictures of the marina  from there DSCN0340
We have predictions for more sandstorms….like the massive one we had recently… wishing and praying that they will just go away coz I do not want the children to get caught while at school.
We are having prawn biriyani for lunch to celebrate first day of school . I will work on my flower motif shawl and try to finish it up today.I  am also hoping to cast on a baby blanket  today….I must get started now  if I need to finish it up before September .We are rather excited there’s going to be a new addition to the Clan.
So tell,whats  happening in your corner of the world  today?


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