The Flower Motif Shawl

So after harping on it for a while now, amidst all the chaos that ensues from a school year starting and new routines setting in after laid back lazy holidays _The flower motif shawl is done, blocked and here for the show and tell!

I know  you’ve already seen some not so sneaky peaks and you’re probably bored already! But please indulge me once more :)


This project went pretty fast  and was quite easy.I do not have the book with me yet, and I figured out the pattern looking at the pictures.Its not a hard one .I think Lucy of Attic 24 started a frenzy with her beautiful use of colours for this shawl.There has been deluge of this shawl all over the web as a result_ mine included :)

For joining the motifs I referred to my Japanese books. Although I ‘d wanted to try joining motifs as shown in these books, I ‘d never tried it. I was blown away by how easy and quick it was ,as opposed to my regular way of joining motifs.It was exciting to learn a new way of joining motifs.

I was working from one corner to the other of the shawl.Half way through the joining of the motifs I realized that I had joined them from the other end of it, which was actually the beginning of the shawl! It still came out right . I did not have to  undo more than a couple of motifs.DSCN0404

Project Details:

Hook : 3.75 F

Yarn  : King Cole Riot  Shade 407 Dye 65628 (30% wool/70% Acrylic) 3 Skeins.


The main reason for this project was the yarn. I am in love.Sure as I thought , it looks great for this pattern. Don’t you agree? This is the first time I have used this sort of self striping kind of  yarn .The last picture is the almost true colour.

I used exactly three skeins  for the 46 motifs I did.I still have three more left and I’m super excited already thinking of projects for them.I am controlling myself and trying to finish up some of the other projects that are half way done.

Dh got me some organizers for my crafty stuff from IKEA.I just dumped all my stuff inside and closed them shut . One of these boxes I have now dedicated to my works in progress , so now I know exactly how many there are . I  had a tiny shock when the numbers actually stared at my face. I am getting to them one by one though.


I also cast on for that baby blanket I was talking about. I am using white because that is the only worsted weight yarn I have with me .Also because I didnot want to make it colour specific for boy or girl.DSCN0477

The Winter flame is about to be done. I can’t wait  as I planning to try out killing for the first time ! I wonder if I’d be successful with acrylic /wool blends .Will have to wait and see.


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  1. that is beautiful. xxxx angelina

  2. wow..gorgeous shawl...and your IKEA organizer looks nice.

  3. Love the shawl! sooo pretty!

  4. What a beautiful shawl. Thanks for your visit.

  5. Lovely shawl Pearlin, and the yarn looks so nice! I like your organizers too :)

  6. Such a thing of beauty you have created.. Great Job!

  7. thank you so much for your kind words :)

  8. Gorgeous! And the boxes are a smart idea too

  9. You did an amazing job on the shawl - it's lovely. I have been oogling that pattern ever since Lucy posted about it, and I really want to give it a go - but I am still up to my eyeballs in unfinished things :( I'd love to know more about how you joined the motifs.

  10. Thanks Jessy and Seaweed and Raine.
    Lucy has also done a nice step by step tute on joining as you go.Its pretty much the is the link

  11. donno how i missed it.. very very pretty it is pearlin.. my fav colour, in whichever tone it may be..


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