Winter Flame Stole

I hope you all had a lovely Easter Weekend.The entire week was jam packed for us.There was the Monte Thrusday Service and then Good Friday ,then on Saturday there was a special Passion Choral sung by our Church Choir DSCN0744DSCN0741
and the famous Men’s Voice Choir. 
I think they started out as an all men choir and later women also joined in. It was lovely!
My friend’s two kids came over to spend the day with me and the boys for Easter. Later my friend came in and joined in for  a  lovely little Easter Feast  _ Biriyani, Chicken Cutlets, Chicken sukka, Chicken 65, Salad, vermicelli payasam and curd rice.
I also baked cupcakes for the kids to decorate.They also made some easter cards.
DSCN0773 DSCN0778 
The stole that dragged on and on is finally done! Phew, y’all  have no idea how relieved I felt as I was  binding it off my needles .Then as I was stressing over the best way to block it,that I did not have a big enough spare bed etc etc, I finally decided to block it on  M ‘s little bed as he wasn’t using it.DSCN0519
Seeing that his hands are still little makes me happy unlike that little ache I get, when I see that his big bro’s palms are actually bigger than mine!
This imp sometimes turns into a fifty year old and tells me to accept that people change as they grow!! And sometimes makes me heave a sigh of relief that he ‘s still my little baby when he  asks me if we can take out the fish from the fish tank , give them a good scrub with soap and water to clean them and put them back in the fish tank ; or when he  asks me in all innocence if the money we put into the offering bag at church miraculously disappears and reaches God in Heaven by Magic.
I do not know if you remember its humble beginnings,here. I did not work on it continuously but still, I think this was my longest project  . Also y’all have no idea how many times I did the knit one, frog ten rows dance with this one. 
Project Details
Pattern : Winter Flame
Needles : 4.5 mm Pony Straights
Yarn:  4 skeins King Cole Fashion Aran in shade 98 dye 30679
Tidbits :
I tried blocking and killing for the first time with this shawl.I followed all the  instructions from here
And my first time working with a thin yarn for a knit project. I know I will think twice before I start the next one! :)


  1. the shawl looks gorgeous in red.. I always have a big laugh reading about ur little one.. how cute!

  2. Lovely shawl, Pearlin! it looks difficult since its finely knit. But its worth the time you spent, its beautiful :)

  3. It is a darling. Happy belated Easter. I love the M stories too. Kids are so innocent and cute.

    Knitting with finer yarns is sometimes so frustrating but usually very worth it

  4. wow...what a lovely shawl in red...i havwe not progressed much in knitting...Glad to know that you had a lovely Easter


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