Everyone, meet Fife
the abandoned little  kitty that A rescued from our parking lot.
The entire kids battalion gathered around and made a make shift arrangement for the kitty to stay , as mum wasn’t very willing to let A bring her in home.So the kids took turns with playing with the kitty and making her feel welcome
A lot of teary tantrums later, from the kids of course, did you think it was the mum?! Mum pushed aside all her nagging worries of allergies and such and finally gave in  Fife is now well settled into the J household
Here is A taking her to Vet hospital
Playing in the car with M, on the way to the VetDSCN1084 
The Vet told us she is hardly a month old and so we should wait for a couple of more months before vaccination .
Thats her fav toy
The typical cat that ate the cream
She’s in the process of learning to use her litter box… must say, she is a quick learner.
She likes to climb on our feet and  just sit there all the time!
Everyday, all the kids in the building come by to say hello to her.Some even come here straight after getting out of the school bus! Aunty now has turned into this monster who tells the kids to go have lunch and a nap and come back in the evening to play with Fife. Leaving the kids to wonder whats wrong with aunty since Fife came!


  1. That's a lovely story.. Fife looks so cute and Mean Auntie, I say!! ;-)


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