Virtual Tour_4 (last part)

The yarn and fiber group also had a representation at the exhibition .Its not a big group like the quilt group but there are people in the quilt group who also knit and crochet.So they all participated as well.DSCN1215

The challenge for this year was Bags Shawls and Scarves for both knitting and Crochet

Beautiful felted and embellished bags


DSCN1220 DSCN1221

Scarves stoles and shawls.

See the red one? ;)


yup I entered the Winter Flame.My first time ever in a competition for handwork. No ribbon on sight for this one :).The blue rope scarf  above and the shawl below won the first and second place ribbons



These are the Sadu theme used in yarn and fibre .

The rope scarf won first placeDSCN1148

the prayer shawl with Sadu theme won second place.I thought it was pretty cool idea to take the regular prayer shawl and give it a Sadu twist.

and jewelry with the Sadu themeDSCN1301

Then there was crochet

Baby Blanket.

I once  made a baby blanket for M in the same pattern


This shawl won the first placeDSCN1138

Loved the bobbles on the shawl. It  looked like it was made with a suede kind of yarn. Classy!

and this scarf won the second place.It has coin like embellishments hanging on the curls. So cute.


You probably noticed the Midsummer Madness bag in the picture above .

In a moment of bravado, I sent in my entries .When I realised that my work was going to be out there for people to see, I got cold feet and wanted to withdraw.The  dh wouldn’t hear any of it! He dragged me  to submit my  entries on the last day, coz I was dilly dallying and putting the whole thing off till the very last minute .Can’t believe I childishly refused to talk to him on the way to submitting the entries to the Yarn group leader. In my defense, my stomach was in knots! He  later treated me at my favourite Lebanese Restaurant to calm me down ;))

Last year, it was him who kept egging me to get active in the group again after seeing the display of crocheted things ; took me to meetings whenever he could otherwise made arrangements for me to get there.  I wasn’t  regular but I did get to go to a few fun meetings.


see the ribbon on the Midsummer Madness Bag? yup I got the third place   :)) seriously did not expect any. This exhibition  was a great eye opener for me. I loved reading the judges sheets I got _reading what they thought about my work.In fact that was my favorite  part . It was all so positive . So that is the happy ending to the Annual KTAA exhibition .Felt both elated and humbled to be able to part take in it.I hope you enjoyed the tour.


  1. Congrats on the yellow ribbon. Your husband did you right by goading you to participate. Love the bobble shawl and the felted bag with the blue ribbon. :-)

  2. Oh!! congrats congrats!!u deserve it ! and I really enjoyed this virtual Tour!

  3. I love the crochet items the bags, scarves and shawls, so stylish! Congrats on your pretty bag :)

  4. Congrats!!That must be such a great feeling. Good thing your husband forced you to participate.

  5. thank you dear friends. :))


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