Deja vu

It started as just a trying out an edging, session .I got carried away with it and crocheted way into the night till I was done  .
The Close Up
Project Details :
Pattern : Deneen’s Bubble Baby Blanket
Yarn :   For the Body _4 Skeins of King Cole Baby in Colour 059 Dye 62142
            For the edging _0.5 Schachenmayr nomotto Bravo in Colour 8281 dye 81387
Hook : I /5.5mm Boye
Tid Bits :
I’ve made this pattern before.I didnot realise  that until I happened to check out my project page in Ravelry.Today when I was searching to link the pattern, my own previous post came up in the search! And guess what! I first tried the Tiramisu Blanket, this time as well and then switched to this one as it wasn’t quick enough!
Its the same yarn too!
This time around, I did not crochet with two strands of yarn Iike I did before.I made 110 foundation chains.
Good thing I decided to do a different colour edging this time around. :))
For the edging :
This is what I did.
Row 1 :Sc all around, make 3 SCs in the corners.
Row 2 : Sc, 3 Ch, Sc in the same stitch, skip 2 Sc, then repeat Sc, 3Ch, Sc . Repeat all around.
This pattern has become my run to pattern for a quick gift  .You can see how fast this worked up since I posted when I started as well .
Now I do not have to go into  a panic mode that I’ll not have anything ready to send D&S’s baby.  One thing struck off the list ! Yay!  .
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  1. very quick.. yesterday evening I put a comment that I'd love to see the FO and morning I see the finished blanket.. it looks beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous. It looks so lovely and soft. You must be a fast hooker!!!

  3. What a pretty blanket! It looks so soft and cozy.

  4. So lovely, I'm sure they will really treasure it :)

  5. I like making quick baby blankets. You feel accomplished in very little time. I love the colors you picked for this (though now I sort of want a tiramisu....)

  6. It turned out great! The colors work really well together.

  7. That is a georgeous blanket! It looks very soft

  8. Hee hee, I so know where you're coming from when you pick up a project planning to do a few rows and end up suddenly realising it's hours after bedtime.

    Well worth it though, it's looking great.

  9. very pretty blanket pearlin.. donno why your blog updates were not appearing in my reading list.. sometimes blogger acts so funny!!today i just stumbled upon while going thru ninu's post!

  10. Thank you everyone.
    @Mini I don't know why that happened!Nice to see you back :)

  11. Nice blanket Pearlin! I like the colors too. Can't imagine how hard to organize projects and to note details without using Ravelry!

  12. This is beautiful! Such a neat, great finish.


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