Thanks Josie

Receiving awards always makes me smile. Thank you so much  Josie for thinking I am a creative blogger.
I think  you all know every random thing there is to know about me  when I wrote 100 things about me :))
Anyways,I think you didn’t know these and here they are
  • I hate making  phone calls… will talk if someone calls me but until it is an absolute absolute emergency I will not lift that phone.
  • I chatter nineteen to the dozen on the blog,  however I  am totally hopeless at small talk .
  • I ‘ve lost interest in cooking nowadays, and cook everyday wishing that  someone would cook for me.
  • I  dislike the housework….cleaning ,washing dishes ,etc too now
  • I do not read like I used to
  • I  accept people as they are as long as they let me be.
  • A is in the rapper , gangsta,  cool dude phase, and greets me, “ yo mumma” or   wuzup mumma” and I answer “ yo baby” or wuzup baby”  he lets me get away with the “baby “only because we do the gangsta hug too.I get “special training“everyday for new ways of doing the hug :)

Now to pass on the award

take it away ladies :))


  1. Thank you so much Pearlin. I'm honoured

  2. Thank you so much Pearlin!!*beaming*

  3. Wow thanks Pearlin. First time ever such a thing for me... Grinning. :D

  4. Hey Pearlin, I was reading this post and you won't believe me, the top 6 out of the 7 things you have mentioned about yourself is EXACTLY me.

  5. :))thats really nice to know I am not alone Pradeepa :))


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