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Inspite of the soaring temperatures, its nice to have some sweet smelling jasmines blooming in our teeny tiny garden.
Fife has grown up quite a bit since she came.From hiding in little corners to take a nap
She has progressed to climbing in to our laps for a nap.
We do not miss the mangoes from my father’s garden too much coz we did manage to lay our hands on some yummy ones here.
We’ve also found a great  place which serves Dum Biriyani and kothu parota the way we like it.Its called Banana Leaf in Salmiya.Its kind of becoming a ritual for us to get our Friday Dinner Kothu parota from there :)
With the kids at home and million distractions I’ve put aside the baby blanket I started to knit. I need to concentrate while I knit.Not so much while I crochet.So I have now started this baby blanket_ Deneen’s Bubble Blanket.
It is working up fast  even though I am using a single yarn of King Cole Baby 059/62142. I love how soft and light it is right now.  I only hope the yarn I have is enough to make a decent size.DSCN1489
There ‘s a KAL for February Lady Sweater at SAARC Ravelry and I’ve joined in it too.DSCN1488
 I’ve since frogged it after I  noticed the holes I ‘d made at the M1 . I ‘m going to cast on again.Just waiting for the summer camp to start for my boys.They’ve been begging me to send them so they have their wish granted this year.
While we are on the topic of knitting let me just show you this adorable  little charm I got for my cell phone. 
I am kicking myself now I did not get the rotary cutter and the Sewing machine charm too!There was no crochet hook charm tho.
The runner is coming along nicely
Don’t you think this is a very close match ?I like  the smaller print than the bigger print  shown in the  book .Its amazing how fast sewing goes right?


  1. Oooh Fife is so cute, and the charm is cute too.
    I love making baby blankets in crochet, they work up quite fast and it is so nice wrapping up a baby in something handmade. And yes sewing is quite fast compared to knitting and crochet.

  2. Fife is cute!!And love the pattern of the baby blankie!!Best is the runner. Love it already!

  3. Fun post!we also have jasmines in our balcony, but not this big..and I love that runner very much!

  4. Fife is looking yummy! ;-)

    I've passed on an award to you on my blog. Please visit my blog to accept it. :-)



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