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A long long time ago, I set out to make a bag and as usual got distracted with other stuff. Usually when I ‘m unable to decide which way to go, I procrastinate.I wasn’t too happy with the fabric I had , because  in my fabric shopping  inexperience, I'd got a couple of fabric in that  bunch that were not 100% cotton.And it showed.So I put it aside.DSCN1872
Then we made this little clutch. I fell in love with that fabric combo   that I decided to make a matching bag with only those two fabrics. Joining the squares  went pretty quickly. I loved how it looked. After I put all the squares together on both sides, I tried to stipple quilt. Again with my inexperience in free motion quilting, it did not look nice at all. I did not know how else to quilt so it went into hiding for some more months. When by chance, I got a Pottery Barn Catalogue with some quilt pictures in it. They were all simple  large squares which had vertical and horizontal quilted lines.DSCN1878
Overjoyed at the simple and effective way to quilt, I tried it out and I was so self satisfied with my skills .The end result was so helpful in  forgetting all the drudgery of ripping out 1001 stitches I had to do before it :P 
After all that was done more procrastinating  happened, because I could not find the same lining fabric  I had for the clutch.After  searching high and low  all over the  souk  accompanied by much snapping, pouting and sulking ,  I gave up and  decided to use this polka dot fabric I had with me.I did have enough to make a little pocket inside.Isn’t polka dot bows a darling print ?!
It was easy after that. I wanted to see how the idea to add Velcro's for closing  worked. It is nice and easy although I can improve on it much more.The inspiration for the matching fabric flower
 little tissue cozy to make a complete set all came from my blog buddies  Josie and Mini.
Project Details
Pattern for the Bag  : Charming Handbag
Pattern for the Tissue Cozy : Tissue Cozy
Pattern for the Fabric Flower: Fabric Flower
Tid Bits:
I learnt that Velcro is a great alternative to zippers and magnetic snap
This project opened my eyes to a trying out new ways of quilting.My mind was stuck with the idea that if I could not do stipple quilting then there was no other way to quilt. It was kind  of freeing to know the quilt police were not coming after me if I did not know how to stipple quilt yet. :))
I have now started taking note of  little details in quilts and that has made me much more eager to try more . And I am surprised to note that apart from some stunning  feathers and such done by some professional quilters, most of the stunning quilts have simple straight line quilting on them.
Now that I know how to go about it ,specially the quilting part, I might do a repeat of this set again  of course in another colour
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  1. lovely attempt pearlin..i love the fabric combo

  2. Love everything about this bag!!Good fabric combo, perfect finishing!!

  3. lovely! I love the way you quilted lines in the red fabric.. adds a texture to the bag! love the lining too..and the flower adds a nice touch! I think, it all came together in the end.. :-)

  4. What a wonderful piece. Can't stop admiring. Kudos to your perseverance, pearlin

  5. its a lovely pretty bag! love the fabric combo and that cute flower!

  6. That's a very nice bag. I love the cute flower in it.

  7. Wow I love all the detail in this bag and the colour combo is fabulous!

  8. What a wonderful bag Pearlin, I really like it! The quilting technique you used is very interesting. The fabric flower is a lovely detail. The accessories too...everything nice and stylish!

  9. Wow your bag is lovely! I especially love the spotty lining - too cute. Have a lovely week!

  10. What a gorgeous set! It all looks so lovely! Well done!


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