WIP Wednesday

Things on the crafty front have not been going  so well lately.DSCN1721
After working so far, I have now ripped it all.Starting over again. I dropped tooo many stitches and didnot know how to put it back on. So we are back to square one! Again.I am not that frustrated yet.The beautiful finished February Lady Sweater is the carrot hanging in front of me and makes me want to keep trying. I know I will get it done eventually :)
Joining in with Tami Ami’s work in progress


  1. This is exactly why I am afraid to knit an adult garment.. the thought of having to frog many a times gives me the shudders.. btw, love the new look of your blog.

  2. Try and try again :) I think you have done an amazing job thus far. I cannot wait to see it finished and I KNOW you will finish it :)

  3. Josie, its not difficult actually.I'm sure with your skills you can def make this one. :)

    thanks Cris, I need to hear that :)

  4. Dont worry. You have me for company.

  5. I have never knit a garment!!really scared of it!The colour you have chosen looks cool!!I changed my blog because I wanted a more fun name.And regarding the bobbles in my shawl, I just made the bobbles and tied them on to the edges.

  6. keep at it :-) the end result will be so worth it

  7. @ Saritha, even I am so scared of knitting a garment but wanted to give a try.the beginning part is not scary at all, its the lace i am scared about.Lets see how it goes.

    @ Jessy, yes I will :)


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