Angel Crochet Scarf

Do you remember the beginnings of this scarf??. Ofcourse you don’t, so here is the link  Smile
The main purpose  of this project was  to stashbust some of the Denim yarn I had after finishing this bag. Half way through the project, I knew I was going to run short of the darker denim yarn.So I decided  to use the other lighter shade too. While I was working on it, I wasn’t too sure how it was going to look.
It was done a few weeks back. I weaved in all the ends this morning and decided to wear it this afternoon, when we went shopping for back to school supplies for the children.
Totally love it.Its 100 % cotton  surprisingly its  was very  light , soft and comfortable to wear out in the hot weather too.
I’m glad I decided to keep it for myself Smile
Project Details :
Pattern : Angel Crochet Scarf
Yarn :Schachenmayr nomotta Blue Jeans ((51 lot 029 and 52 lot 018)
Hook : G hook


  1. Great looking scarf. Good job using up the stash, too.

  2. Beautiful scarf ! I may have to dig out my crochet hook more often . Thank you for the link to the pattern .

  3. Love the scarf Pearlin. Beautiful blues! You guys certainly are making the most of the beach. We haven't gone there in years -- all the pollution and sewage problems around the Salwa area really made things not so pleasant around here - but I think down your way it isn't quite so bad. We don't change our schedules much even with Ramadan. My kids do stay up later than usual, but we don't like to get out and about late at night. Much better to stay home safe and sound and return to normal activities once Ramadan is over. It's quite around here this morning as hubby has gone off to work and the kids are still sleeping. My favorite time of day. :) Have a good one. Best wishes, Tammy

  4. Love the scarf, so clever to add a lighter shade in the middle.

  5. I LOVE this scarf! I printed off the pattern. I'm always looking for quick and easy projects. I will add this post to my blog. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Pearlin, i love the shades, and hot looking too!

  7. I love the two-colours effect, they look great together, and the texture of the stitches is really interesting, too. :D

  8. What a cute scarf. I love the two tone look, it works.

  9. Very beautiful - I'd keep it too!! ;-D

  10. Love the color and style, looks good on you Pearlin!

  11. Hi Pearlin,

    The scarf is soo lovely.. Absolutely gorgeous colour too! I am back from vacation and soon it will be back to school time..


  12. hi pearlin, its a beauuutiful scarf!.. you must be feeling so proud to wear it around ur neck!! pretty colour combo as well!

  13. It's a gorgeous scarf. I think it works really well in the two colours.


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