my little crafty friend

Little J, my friends’ daughter  is a sweetie who loves all things artsy crafty. She is just a year older than M.Every time she visits our home, she wants to look through my craft stuff and asks me  to show her my latest creations.She also asks me teach her something.I got this cross stitch kit for her at the 100 fils store this time.We did a little bit of stitching on it.129_thumb[2]
Last time she was here, she wanted to learn some stitching, so we tried running stitch and a little bit of chain stitching. She took the colourful threads I gave her, put it all in chocolate box and brought her sewing box to show me.It has a little needle box with needles in them and needle threader and thimble in it.It was soo cute. I might add a couple of things for her next time she visits Winking smile but it’s a secret sooo shhhhhhh.
Cef VBS starts today  for the kids and they are pretty excited.


  1. :) sweet child. And sweet of you too.

  2. That's so nice that you're teaching her new crafts. :)

  3. How wonderful that your little friend is interested in crafting and you are helping her to learn. When I turned 40, I told all my friends that I didn't want anything store bought, I wanted handmade gifts. A friend who is from Romania, married to a Lebanese guy, found the same sort of kit at the 100 fils store -- I didn't even know they had cross-stitching kits there. She had never, ever cross-stitched before, but was determined to do it for me. In fact, she stayed up long nights to get it done in time. Even her husband told me that she drove everyone crazy with it. ha! she framed it and gave it to me for my birthday and I was very, very impressed! That was 5 years ago and I'm still amazed she did it. She said she will never, ever do another cross-stitching as long as she lives. HA! Hope you are having a great day. Tammy

  4. its a wonderful thing you are doing.. passing on the crafty spirit to the younger generation.. in this world of commercialization, the young ones need to learn to appreciate handicrafts and handmade products..

  5. How sweet, and how exciting for her. She must love all the knowledge you are passing on to her...

  6. that is so cute, I love little ones who like crafting.


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