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Seriously I can’t believe August is already here!  It has been such a busy week for us.Simply rearranging and de cluttering took away all my time plus I had some computer problems too.
August is another birthday month for us. This month A turns thirteen . I can’t tell you how strange it feels to think I’m a mother of  teen. I mean,I haven’t grown up at all and still a teen in my head.Then how come I am a mother to a teen already?!. Dh  has consolingly offered to call me a teen mom from now on ,since I was  agonizing and losing sleep over how quickly time has flown by!
We arranged for a   prayer meeting to kick start  the celebration for this special month.Now that it s over and done with, I am feeling a little relaxed but also extremely tired from all the running around.The catered food was yummy  and we all had a lovely time. DSCN1919
Also, the holy month of Ramadhan has started which means different work timings for Dh. As much as I hate these shifts in routine and all that, I am really happy that we do not have to do early mornings and late evenings.
In the midst of  reorganizing and de cluttering ,I found some finished projects that never made it to the blog.
Mandala Potholder
Old Fashioned Potholder
This one is from a Japanese book
Stir Me Up potholder
There was a Potholder CAL  a while back on   SAARC group on Ravelry.I wanted to make a several to fill up a wall but all I could manage were these four.
After that, I abandoned the project and moved on to other stuff.  I do intend to make more  although mind is on other things lately .


  1. the potholders are lovely.. I love the colors you've chosen for Mandala potholder.. teen mom,huh?! ;-)

  2. Hey Teen Mom!!!:)))I know what you feel!!In my head even I am a teen. Those potholder are all very very pretty!!Lovely choice of colours!! They will brighten up your kitchen wall for sure!!

  3. I also can't believe its August already, Pearlin. But I'm quite used to feeling old...my older son turns 26 this week!
    Cute potholders! I'd like to try out some of those...first I need to reorganize too, to find the scrap yarns to use for kitchen items ;)

  4. Teen Mom, Love the colours u chose especially the mandala pot holder.. and I also cant believe tht August started!!time really flies

  5. Wow - these are really really gorgeous!

  6. Hi there Pearlin! Not sure if I've visited you before or not but found you through Our Creative Spaces. I also am in Kuwait. Are you a member of the Kuwait Textiles Art Association?

    My boys will be 16 and 13 in October and that is absolutely unbelievable to me. Like you, I don't feel like I've aged a bit. :)

    I love all your potholders. They would certainly make a nice diplay all grouped together. Hope you are having a great day! I am in pajamas every day until I have to go back to School on the 14th. As you well know, with Ramadan and the heat, can't do much else so I am happy to blog and crochet the day away.

    Best wishes, Tammy

  7. i love the japanese and especially that swirly one. do you speak, or read , japanese? was the pattern translated?

    love your crochet goodies. so beautiful, a feature wall!
    did you use all crochet thread or thicker?

  8. Wonderful colours, I heart this.

  9. Awesome potholders. You use them as decorations! And yeah Aug is a festival and birthday month for us too. :)

  10. thank you Ariane and Kavitha

  11. Ooh beautiful. I have been wanting to make this mandala potholder for a long time but at present my hands are full.

  12. They are so full of colour and loveliness! I love the idea of putting them on the wall.

  13. Beautiful pot holders!! About the teen thing, just wait - it gets worse - my teen just got his drivers license!!! I don't know how that's possible - I surely haven't gotten any older!! ;-D

  14. Your potholders are lovely!
    Having a teen is hard but you know what, you never stop worrying about your children. My daughter will be 23 next month and I still worry.

  15. Wow, those potholders are lovely - I love the bright colours, especially the spiral one. They'd look great on the wall just as they are :)

  16. Stir Me Up is awesome; especially in those sunny colours!

  17. I love the spiral one! I saw it the other days, and I think I might make some as coasters. :)

  18. You clearly have skill when picking out color schemes! I love all of these, but especially the mandala one and the one from the Japanese book.

  19. Your potholders are so cheerful! I like them alot!

  20. Happy birthday to A! You definitely don't look like the mother of a teen :-)

    And those pot holders are so cute. I need to make some soon, instead of using the kitchen towels

  21. love the colours of those pot holders. well done.

  22. I can't believe it's August either! And I hope you have a wonderful (and unstressful) birthday month with A. :)

    I love all of these potholders, but the Stir Me Up one is especially catching my eye, with those gorgeous spirals and the fantastic flamey-sunny tones you chose.

  23. Isn't this year just flying by?!!

    Great potholders! I particularly like the old fashioned one - fantastic colours and an unusual shape. These would make great presents.

  24. thank you ladies. you are all so kind :)


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