Summer Fun 2011

Summer holidays are almost over for my children.We are trying to cram in as much fun activities for the children during these last few weeks before school reopens.Its always helpful that we now have  shorter work timings thanks to the  Ramadhan timings .
First taking advantage of the festive offer at Entertainment City, a big group of friends decided to make a trip there late one night. All the pictures from there are in the computer that crashed. I’ll update them once they are recovered.The rest of the time, the beach is our refuge.
We went with a big gang of friends, again late in the night, played volleyball, throwball on the sand    and then went digging and building castles.The adults more than the kids Smile.All they wanted to do was swim in the water. The water is like a magnet attracting these little ones.We took turns keeping an eye on them.Every little one came out of that water only after they were all shrivelled up.We later ordered in food from our favourite street restaurant for some grilled chicken and kubuuz and garlic sauce and salad.
Its impossible to go anywhere in the hot sun  during the day time,so we choose to go out in the night like the rest of the people here and stay out waaaay past our bedtime trying to stretch the cooler hours of the day.
My kids also got to celebrate Indian Independence day with a few friends.One of their teachers arranged for a potluck  tea at her place.The kids were to come in traditional Indian clothes.When she called up to let me know the dress code, I was appalled to realise that my children did not have any  Indian clothes with them.They’d given up wearing them a while back. I did not even bother to keep a couple around for events like these that I was so upset. Dh did offer to go quickly get them , but it did not work out. Anyways they  said they had fun.They had games and a little talk on India and then share the yummy snacks they all brought .
My friend was taking a training and asked if she could send her two kids over for two days in the afternoons.We gladly agreed coz her two kids, both a year older and younger than my kids, always have a great time together
No doubt, there is a lot of bickering and all ,between the two sets of kids, the older two and the younger two , they still have fun.
We waited till the sun went down and the temperatures dropped a little and then took them to the beach when it was dark, the dust had also settled down and it was low tide. They played on the wet sand  writing their names in different ways and building castles  015
and digging out tunnels
The moon was bright and beautiful , casting it golden rays on the sea water,003
so we decided that we’d pack and have our dinner of yummy biriyani on the beach.
M always gets annoyed when he finds a cinnamon stick in his food Smile and maybe because of that it always always finds its way to his plate no matter how careful I am not to put it on his plate. 
I tried to use the night landscape setting on  my camera and tried to take a picture of the city lights behind us
I am happy it did not blur much .
The next day my friend sent this yummy kesari , knowing how much my kids and dh love it.  I was so touched that  she thoughtfully sent this inspite of having to rush for her training.  072   after some games they played at home,
 073 075
we went to the beach again, this time looking for sea critters during the low tide. Children love love this .There is much anticipation and excitement as they donot know what little creature they are going to meet that day.
it was a little dusty ,so  they all went with nose masks.Nevermind they all came off after a while , inspite of several promises not to ever take them off!
footprints on the sand and  can you spot the  big crab there?
Each of them took an empty water bottle and brought home  some crabs and snails

they keep it for sometime and then most of the time goes back to the sea Smile


  1. Oh! I don't remember the last time I played in the beach.. these days its all about providing the kids entertainment.. looks like your lil ones are enjoying the summer vacation..

  2. i loved reading this!both of them sure enjoyed their vacation.. and i want to go to beach on my next trip to kerala..

  3. Wow, what a fun it would have been to go to the beach late at night.

  4. Nice way to enjoy sons also loved the beach and spending time with cousins and friends left them fond memories of summer.
    Love your pictures Pearlin! Esp. the night landscape :)


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