Where were you?!!, you ask….

After years of putting up with my constant abuse ,my computer companion  finally gave up its ghost.
Knowing how cranky I get , not being connected to the outside world, dh quickly replaced it for me , with a new laptop. Smile
Its still new and and not entirely personalized to my liking…..I am slowly but surely making it my own.
In the meantime, encouraged by all your wonderful comments on my potholders, I dug out my potholder book, and decided to make a few more…..ah we all know what big  ego boosters they are!! I mean the encouraging words .and pretty addictive too ;both the words of encouragement and potholders Winking smile
As you can see, I had a couple of unfinished potholders too. I wanted to complete  the potholders ,  I ‘d left half done before I started anything new.002
the inspiration for the colours in this one, came from a picture of  a field of marigolds and Zinnias I found on the  net .
Project Details :
Pattern : African Flower Mandala Potholder
Yarn : Catania
Hook : 3.75 F hook


  1. This is a nice colourful one. I did a couple of them but haven't photographed yet.

  2. Welcome back! I missed you in blog-land! lovely pot holders..

  3. They are so pretty and colourful!Need to make these too!!You have added more stuff to my never ending list.

  4. continuing to love your adorable potholders.. i'm working on one here this week,,, its slllllllooooooowwwww going. ;)

  5. just queued the pattern on ravelry. so cute!

  6. Gorgeous! And the colors bring out the feeling of those flowers perfectly!!

  7. Congrats on your new laptop. Hubby gave me a mini HP last October for our anniversary and it took a while for me to get used to it. You should have come and gotten a laptop from us. We had two go out, so hubby bought another one, and then wound up getting the other two fixed. We have way too many laptops around here. I haven't made potholders, just dishcloths and use the punto cotton for those. I use the catania for doilies and some of the little bags I'm making now.

    Work is going okay but with the heat, I have such a headache when I get home in the afternoon. There is a reason why I prefer to stay home in pajamas and crochet/blog all day. ha! How's the dust over there in Mangaf? :/ Have a good evening. Tammy

  8. This is so beautiful! I love the colors you used...

  9. very pretty!

    My computer died on me a few weeks ago too and my DH made sure to get me a new one quick, I hate being cut off!

  10. Fantastic! I wish I was able to crochet like that.

  11. wow!! i love those colours!!and my blog feed is not showing this post :(, I came here from our creative space!

  12. You were featured on my blog today! Come check it out!!


    ~ Sarah


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