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A turned thirteen
he wanted a Lamborghini car on his cake, and carefully chose one from his favorite car website
He wanted to celebrate with just a  few of his close friends .So they watched a movie, played some games, listened to their favourite songs, sang along and generally had a wonderful time together.
I made him a special  lunch later of  his favourite roast chicken , potato salad and stuffing. One little prayer … God please grant me the serenity to deal with his mood swings and teen tantrums.Which have started already btw Confused smile
A decided to cook dinner for me one night and he made noodles  for me.Wonder why he is wearing those sunnies?to prevent onions from making him cry.It did not to work! SmileHe was saying “Dinner is served Madame”
Soon after it was time for VBS, which they enjoyed too.The children put up little programmes on the fourth and last day. 
Then school started
We went through the excitement of selecting new school bags, lunch boxes and school stationary etc.This time A made a neat list of things he needed which makes me so proud coz he is getting so organised and systematic.
M was not too happy  to go  even though he was  excited over his Phineas and Ferb lunch box and water bottle, but has  settled in now.  I’m sure it helps that his teacher is a sweet  easy going lady  .
Funny story_ few weeks before school started, we were packing up school bags   and found out that M ‘s math note book was missing.We turned the house upside down looking for it. No use.M threw a big tantrum and refused to go to school without his math note book.Dh offered to go with him and request his teacher to give someone’s math note book so we could take xerox copies and return it. So the teacher very sweetly helped .
Just as we were heaving a sigh of relief M comes back from school with his missing notebook in hand! His friend G had mistakenly taken it with him on the last day of school when it closed May end  and had brought it back  first of school with apologies for taking it mistakenly  with him.Ah …alls well that ends well Surprised smile
We did the usual picnics during Eid holidays. It was fun for most parts inspite of the heat and humidity. However it did get me _ I got terribly sick at one of the places we went to, but overall it was just wonderful meeting up friends and having fun. It was amazing how the little ones spent hours on that sand playing side by side each other quietly with out a word of complaint or request 
our gang


  1. Boy! you do have a great gang of friends to hang out with.. its nice to have a fun friends circle..and, belated birthday wishes to your son!

  2. What lovely moments. B'day wishes to your son and best wishes to you to learn to put up with his teen tantrums:)

  3. Happy Birthday to your son. :)

  4. My youngest will be 13 in October. He has really been getting on my nerves lately, let me tell you. My oldest who will be 16 in October is very easygoing, nothing gets to him. They are quite opposites. School is going well. Kids are happy for the most part with their classes and teachers. I'm busy but in a good way. Need to do some cleaning around here. :/ Haven't had time to crochet. Oh well! 2 more days and then it is the weekend. Boy, was it hot today or what!!!??? Hope you had a good one. Tammy

  5. wow, they really do grow up so fast, but sometimes not fast enough :-)
    Happy giving birth day to you :-) and birthday to him

  6. Happy Birthday to your son!
    You have a wonderful bunch of family and friends!


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