Centre Table Cover

Last weekend, we were rearranging furniture around the house. I moved the coffee table away and needed another table to replace it. We decided to use this round teapoy we’ve had ever since we came here.It also had served as M’s little table.  It  bears many scribbled marks on it   courtesy an  eager  two  year old who was just finding out the joys of scribbling on random surfaces…...with a permanent marker, no less. It does not match the other furniture too.
I wanted something bright and cheerful to cover it up. I decided to use up some of the  Catania yarns I had in my scraps bin.  Btw, my attempts at reducing my stash seems to all go in vain.More yarns have found their way in there in spite of all best efforts! The dh has been given stern instructions to remind me not to buy more yarn no matter how tempting they are.
Once I started, I had to see the end of it before I could put it down. I think its this craziness that has caused that numbness I have in my neck and right hand finger tips right now
  I did not follow any particular  pattern for this one. Just started out and increased where ever I saw fit, so that  it wouldn’t cup.
Next job would be to cover up the cushions Smile oh wait that would mean getting more yarns…. no no I am not going there yet!


  1. That looks lovely and cheerful.. great job on reclaiming the table. :-)

  2. It looks so pretty and cheerful!!

  3. bright n happy colours..good job

  4. Wow, this is great. It looks so cheerful. Don't know how I missed this post.

  5. Oh love the colorful spread. Great color combo.


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