My new sewing Kit

I cannot resist a sewing kit when I see one… that and a packet of skittles candy… but that’s another story. Where ever I see one, I pick it up regardless of the fact I have several other ones with me already or that I do not really sew that much…. mostly because one of the items I love and had been looking for is in it.
This weekend, dh and I went to IKEA , the product we were looking for was not available anymore, so we just decided to just check out new arrivals  around the store.I jumped and grabbed one of these little charming kits without even thinking if I need it or not. DSCN0001_02
Isn’t it neat?!
There are two zippered compartments on the top side of this flexi box.
One of it has two kinds of thimbles, a measuring tape , alphabet stencil and another instrument that I’m not sure about.
The other zippered compartment has pins, safety pins and 2 tailors chalk in pink DSCN0005 On the other side  are the seamripper, needle threader,  thread clipper and scissors.I really got this set for the thread clipper.None of my other kits have it.DSCN0006
Also there is a IKEA style instruction attached to it
And it closes with an all-round zipper. It’s a handy little case  to carry around , or hang on the wall,  with that  ring there.  DSCN0001_03
I am in love.Do you like it?


  1. ooh! a very handy kit! I too want a thread clipper..have a seam ripper,though.

  2. Oh now I am going to have to go and get one too :-) for the thread clippers of course :D

  3. Very nifty! And no doubt the price was right.

    I don't knit. My cousin tried to teach me a couple of times but working with the two needles just didn't work for me. I like crocheting and since I'm still learning so much with it, I can't even think about taking on knitting. It amazes me when folks are so talented in all areas of crafting. I really kinda have to work at it. :)

    Hope you've had a great day. Tammy

  4. Cool, Pearlin! I like it too, though I am not tempted to buy ;)
    I might not be able to resist scissors and of course crochet hooks!...these are the items I buy even though I already have a lot ;)

  5. Very nice kit, and I love the ikea instructions with it! But I wonder why you need a sewing kit for a remote control...


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