O Baby baby

The much awaited new addition to the Clan, has finally made  his grand entrance, three days after his due date, just a day earlier to his grand aunt’s birthday. He is the cutest, with a tuft of thick dark hair on his perfect round head and perfect little features. My hands are just longing to hold the little munchkin and give him a squeeze.
I am not sure when I will be able to do that , but  these are the things that will be making their way to him in a few days  across the Ocean. DSCN2567
I’ve learnt to stick to familiar patterns when making gifts .The pebbles manly vest and the baby hat with ear flaps_ I have made both  before.I wanted to add a pair of bootees too, but I wasn’t able toDSCN2568
I found that little Scottie iron on patch at Daiso and  thought it’d look cute on the sweater.True enough it does, doesn’t it?. I think the mom will love it as she is a dog lover.  


  1. That is so cute, hope baby enjoys his made with love gifts

  2. Cute set!!I love the cute dog iron patch!!

  3. Very cute baby set. Little baby will be kept nice and warm. :)

  4. Heh...cute set. And that is another one I am making too :D

  5. The baby set you've made is very beautiful indeed! I haven't been to Daiso in a while. Used to go to City Center all the time but I can't remember the last time I was there. Hope you've had a great day. Tammy

  6. I am a quilter, but I enjoyed looking at your baby set.


  7. That looks beautiful.. lovely color combination.. and the patch is way too cute :)Can you tell me which stitch have you used for the blanket?

  8. What a gorgeous set, any baby would be very lucky to receive these!

  9. love your little pebbles vest!

  10. Hi Pearlin,

    That is a pretty name now! Thanks for dropping by on my blog. And commenting too ofcourse. I see you are quite the crotcheter huh? I am so jealous! I am from up north you knew and almost all women of my mom's generation and quite a few of mine knit or crotchet or both owing to the harsh winters! My mom taught me knitting and when my boy was born 3 years ago, I made 12 sets of cardigans, caps, mittens etc. But i dont usually knit unless mother isnt around...so it's a talent just lying dormant. As for crotchet, I love it too. Back home a visiting German missionary taught me basic crotcheting,make a cap and a doilly. I simply couldnt get it! :( I know the basics, but i keep going on unable to fashion anything out of it. Pathetic. Love your designs and will chekc out the tutorilas you have pointed out. Thanks so much for spreading the joy.

  11. aaaa hhhhh!! new header.. very pretty!! new look to the look.... looking gorgeous!! How r u doing... So nice to have you back.. :-)

    aawww.. and congrats on the new addition.. Totally love your little gift.. Your little addition is soooooooo blessed to have you!! :-)

    Hope you have a lovely week ahead..


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