Saroyan Done

I’ve shared  WIPs many times here on Tami Ami’s WIP wednesday,  but I often miss the Friday FO.Today,I  am so excited to be able to share the finished Saroyan  on  Tami Ami’s Friday FO.

Like I ‘ve said before,   I started this  project with much trepidation.I am so happy to report that turned out to be one of the most enjoyable knit for me. DSCN3681
Project Details:
Pattern : Saroyan
Needles : 4.5 mm Pony Straights
Yarn : 4 skeins Knit picks Cotlin in Colour Crème Brulee 045 dye lot 3087
Tid bits:
After I showed my work in progress here, I ripped it out when I realised that I would run out of yarn.I considered ordering more but it is all a  tedious process for me .
I decided to do seven increase repeats and seven straight repeats  and seven decrease rows and ripped out till seven increase repeats and started working on the straight repeats. I was not too happy with the idea but I did not have any choice too. When I came to the seventh straight repeat, I chanced upon  one more skein of same yarn when I was rummaging through a different box of yarn  searching for something in it!.
So  I ripped it back again  to the seventh repeat and went back to my original plan of twelve increase repeats, eight center repeats and twelve decrease repeats. I am petite, so decided to do eight center repeats to just cover my shoulders. Thankfully I had just enough with only this much left!
I am pleased that I was finally able to complete it just the way I wanted it.
I haven’t blocked it and donot plan to do so yet.I like it just curly and all.
I love this yarn too, its soo soft and most importantly not heavy at all to wear.
p.s.: did  you all notice today’s date? 11.11.’11, I like dates like these Smile Do you also take note of these kind of things ?


  1. I'm working on a Saroyan now :) It's quickly becoming one of my favorite patterns! Love the color you used!

  2. It looks gorgeous - glad you found the extra yarn so you could have it just as you wanted it :) I love this pattern, it's been in my queue for ages just waiting for the right yarn to come along!

  3. It's really beautiful! *trundles off to add to faves*

  4. Good for you for being tenacious about getting it just how you want it! It's lovely!

  5. Lovely! I really like saroyan but I tend to wear triangular shawlettes

  6. It looks wonderful, and it sounds like you have good yarn karma!

  7. Today is my brother's 44th birthday. So it's a double day all around. Your shawl turned out lovely. Glad you were able to find more yarn to finish it off the way you wanted. Hope you've been enjoying the Eid holiday. We returned from Sri Lanka last nite, me with a sprained ankle so not much going on around here at the moment except resting and working my way through a pile of laundry. Have a great rest of the weekend. Tammy

  8. Great Saroyan! I had a lot of fun knitting this pattern

  9. Love it Pearlin! Really, the color is perfect...and your workmanship so professional :)

  10. It's wonderful Pearlin. I love the edging. I wish I could knit.

  11. It look gorgeous, and I'm so glad you found some more yarn so you could finish it the way you wanted!

  12. luks pretty pearlin :).. i liked the colour too..


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